Top 25 Celebrities on Twitter

If you haven’t quite caught on to the Twitter craze, now’s the time to. It’s a cool new way to keep track of news, your friends, and even your favorite celebrities. And speaking of celebrities, here’s a list of the top 25 celebrities to stalk on Twitter courtesy of MSN’s new gossip website, Wonderwall.

The celebrities that rank highly are often more prolific writers than others, and have something interesting to say (although if you read Britney Spears’ entries, you’ll find that this isn’t always the case.)


So without further ado, these are the top 25 celebs to follow on Twitter.

Stephen Fry –
John Mayer –
Britney Spears –
Tina Fey –
Ashton Kutcher –
Rainn Wilson –
Snoop Dogg –
Stephen Colbert –
Lance Armstrong –
Jimmy Fallon –
Russell Brand –
Pete Wentz –
Shaquille O’Neal –
Mischa Barton –
Vanessa Hudgens –
Rachel Bilson –
Al Gore –
MC Hammer –
Diablo Cody –
Luke Wilson –
Dave Matthews –
Christian Siriano –
Michael Phelps –
Eli Manning –

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