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Egonomics Lab

Egonomics Lab is a Corporate Social Networking (CSN) platform. It was founded on the principle that creating strategic incentives is essential to achieving goals. Egonomics Lab is a Corporate Social Network that will act as Commitment Device, helping every user, in different kind of organizations, to achieve their goals.

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By using our experience in designing Strategies a Incentives you can improve the quality of the working environment in your organization promoting:

  • Cooperation
  • Efficiency
  • Green projects
  • Saving programs
  • Helthy habit

Lacking self-regulatory strength to keep a resolution, what is really required is a creative commitment device. A creative commitment device is simply a strategy to ensure you act in your best interest, despite your lack of willpower to follow through. Can’t bring yourself to deposit money into your savings account monthly? A creative commitment device would be an automatic savings account that takes money from every pay deposit for your savings account. You don’t have to have willpower to save monthly, it’s done for you. Egonomics Lab is the Social Network that will support every user to commit effectively.